Discover Zoé Maghamès Peterwe editorial illustration depicting the gradual disappearance of a bra within four squares. Experience the artistic representation of feminism and the choice to go braless, skillfully crafted by the talented illustrator.
Explore Zoé Maghamès Peters' editorial illustration as half a man's brain becomes a canvas for artificial intelligence visuals. An artistic portrayal of the symbiotic relationship between man and machine.
Editorial illustration of an arcade-style course to the victory, with food and traps hidden. A baby is portrayed as main character.
Explore Zoé Maghamès Peters' editorial illustration featuring a cocktail glass embraced by flowers. The word 'man' elegantly envelops the glass, with one letter submerged within the drink. Discover a thought-provoking portrayal of gender norms.
Discover Zoé Maghamès Peters' illustration crafted for the collaboration between Solange Knowles and Jason McDonalds, bringing their vision to life in an exquisite glassware collection. Explore the artistic synergy that merges creativity and design.
Experience Zoé Maghamès Peters’ editorial illustration, a homage to knitting, elegantly captured in a half-page artwork for a magazine article. Created with Procreate, this illustration weaves the essence of craft and creativity into a visual narrative.
Delve into Zoé Maghamès Peters’ still life illustration featuring slices of bread, a candle, and a glass of wine atop a pink table. Experience the artist’s meticulous craftsmanship in capturing the beauty of everyday objects.
Explore Zoé Maghamès Peters’ drawing, where an antique telephone rests on a table against a backdrop of heart shapes. Immerse yourself in the artist creative vision as she intertwines love story nostalgia and symbolism in this captivating artwork.
Discover an editorial illustration shedding light on groundbreaking Alzheimer research. Dive into the visual representation of innovative strides in the fight against Alzheimer disease, capturing the essence of hope and progress.
Portrait by Zoé Maghamès Peters of a young woman surrounded by luggage and the drawing of two trains in an old Hollywood atmosphere.
Illustration by Zoé Maghamès Peters exploring the resilience of Native Americans through the history of Indian boarding schools.
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