Born in the French countryside to a Lebanese dad and an English mum, I hold a double degree in political science/history and a master's in gender studies, specialising in sexual violence research. Thanks to my eternal love for digging into subjects and crossing references, my creativity found expression in illustration. It took a while to get there, with a detour through fashion design, but the pandemic shifted my focus back to drawing for good. I haven't looked back since!

I'm interested in many things—how the brain works, food (the best thing on earth), all things fashion and textile, music (always, a lot), money related stuff, the life lessons behind knitting, cultural studies, human interactions from a bird's-eye view, contemporary fiction (books, good book covers!), TV series (always watching something), internet culture (raised by blogs and The Sims), diaspora and immigration (transmission, conflict, displacement), animals, plants, germs (these incredible living things that aren’t us!).

I *especially* love being surprised with unusual subjects I wouldn't have thought about. Please try me.

J’ai commencé l’illustration en 2020, après un master en étude sur le genre et les sexualités (EHESS, Paris) et une formation en design de mode collaboratif/upcycling (Casa93, Paris).


✉️ z.maghamespeters@gmail.com

👀 @zzoemape

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