Discover Zoé Maghamès Peterwe editorial illustration depicting the gradual disappearance of a bra within four squares. Experience the artistic representation of feminism and the choice to go braless, skillfully crafted by the talented illustrator.
Explore Zoé Maghamès Peters' editorial illustration as half a man's brain becomes a canvas for artificial intelligence visuals. An artistic portrayal of the symbiotic relationship between man and machine.
Step into the surreal world of [Your Name], where people's shoes intermingle with intriguing shapes, a distinctive bow, mesmerizing spirals, and enigmatic bird motifs within artful frames.
Delve into Zoé Maghamès Peters’ still life illustration featuring slices of bread, a candle, and a glass of wine atop a pink table. Experience the artist’s meticulous craftsmanship in capturing the beauty of everyday objects.
Explore Zoé Maghamès Peters’ drawing, where an antique telephone rests on a table against a backdrop of heart shapes. Immerse yourself in the artist creative vision as she intertwines love story nostalgia and symbolism in this captivating artwork.
Discover an editorial illustration shedding light on groundbreaking Alzheimer research. Dive into the visual representation of innovative strides in the fight against Alzheimer disease, capturing the essence of hope and progress.
Illustration by Zoe Maghamès Peters of a butterfly-y made of different haircuts. This digital drawing also figure a sunrise and leaves of grass.
the drawing is about the idea of growing back (hair, native plants), and on the motif of braided sweetgrass. It figures native plants, a boarding school and the face of a girl.
Illustration of an abstract hourglass with coloured beads falling.
This is an illustration of an elephant in a white frame, surrounded by a dark starry sky.
This is a portrait of a man with blond hair. There are also some vintage lemon stickers.
This is a drawing a bucket that has fallen on the ground. The water has spilt on the floor. A paper boat is ready to sail on its water.
Three moustachioed men are ready to fight. They are designed in a vintage 70s style.
This illustration is an abstract amusement park made of patterns of trees, birds and stars.
This illustration is a portrait of a many surrounded by a snake. It’s a 70s style drawing.
This editorial illustration figures red blooming poppy flowers taking the shape of a smiling face.
These are two spot illustrations by illustrator Zoé Maghamès Peters. The first figures a curly hair character with blown hair, the second a psychedelic blow dryer.
A man is holding a glass bottle. Red apples are floating all around him.
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